Early Retirement? What the Hell Is Monkeyism?

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Monkeyism is a another way of thinking about and approaching life. It seeks to improve quality of life by foregrounding life experience over material goods.

Monkeyism allows you to spend less time working for a salary by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial freedom and early retirement.

It helps you understand and take advantage of our economic, political and financial systems in order to save money and generate passive income.

This will require thinking and behaving differently, challenging mainstream beliefs and teachings.

A New Way of Life

Monkeyism thus means that you need to leave behind the comfort of social convention.

It aims at inspiring you to refocus on what matters most in life – friendship, family, laughter, love – and lower your desire for commercial products – fancy restaurants, luxurious cars, jewellery.

Monkeyism is a way of life. It is defined by moving towards financial independence to reach early retirement. Doing that requires an open mind, a willingness to challenge assumptions, and a readiness to realign behaviour.

Monkeyism has a lot of different facets; it’s easier to illustrate than explain, so I am using this blog to build towards a holistic view. This is not a typical anti-consumerism blog, complaining about modern society and contemplating the ‘good old days’.

It embraces our current societal configurations and makes the best of it. It is about understanding what’s important in life, refocusing on those things, and moving towards them one concrete action at a time.

Each article on this blog provides you with the resources to take action; each article outlines specific ideas that you can put in practice to achieve freedom and regain control over your life.

Reading the articles is the first step, but Monkeyism also requires action. Only you can decide to change your life. But know that financial independence and early retirement are within everyone’s reach.

If you feel enslaved by work, are working hard but are still unhappy, then Monkeyism can help you. If you have a job but are still struggling to make ends meet, then Monkeyism is for you.

If you are disillusioned with the rat race, then Monkeyism is your way out. If you think there is more to life than working 9 to 5, then Monkeyism will set you free.

It will help you regain control of your life; it will allow you to be financially independent; it will enable you to reach early retirement.

The Name

Monkeyism is an idea and ideas are hard to capture with words. We needed a term that would reflect some of the core notions of this new lifestyle. We chose this name for a number of reasons:

  1. Monkeys are known for being witty and smart: Monkeyism is about being smart
  2. Monkeys are different from humans: Monkeyism is about being different
  3. Monkeys are cute and fun: Monkeyism is about putting the fun back into life
  4. Monkey is similar in spelling to money: Monkeyism involves understanding the true value of money
  5. The -ism suffix indicates actions and beliefs: Monkeyism is about taking action

The System

One of the core tenets of Monkeyism is that knowledge is power. You cannot make good decisions unless you understand all of the implications of your decisions.

If you want to make changes in your life, you first need to understand the systems which attempt to regulate your behaviour. In particular, you need a strong understanding of national and global economies, and you need to appreciate how governments function.

In modern Western society, these structures guide you towards a life of employment and contribution to existing financial systems, preventing you from early retirement.

However, that is not the only way to live. We will show you how systems guide you towards a single lifestyle and how you may break free. We will expose how the system works.

Then you can decide whether you want to remain within that system or move beyond it. That is a choice and the choice is yours. We will help you make an informed decision.

The Philosophy

This section develops the main ideas within the Monkeyism mindset. Change is only possible if you start believing and putting those beliefs into action.

That is never easy. It also took me significant time, reflection, and experience to understand that there was a better way. I still sometimes regress and need to remind myself what path I am on and what path I want to be on. It takes open-mindedness, maturity and insight.

I thus do not expect to impose my view on anyone. I just want to share my experience because I hope that I can inspire others to find the freedom they seek. I feel much more at peace, much happier, and more enlightened.

But at the same time, I am not naive. It takes hard work, sacrifice and continued self-reflection to achieve financial independence and early retirement. You need to be mentally ready. Unless you understand and accept the reasons for change, you will not be able to apply the necessary financial rigor to your life to achieve true freedom.

Monkeyism is more than a pragmatic set of financial rules; its philosophy is even more important and drives these rules to move away from the traps of commercialism and material desire. Monkeyism really is a way of life.

The Finance

Because we all live in societies where money plays a major role, you need to be comfortable earning, investing and spending money. This section is thus devoted to explaining important theoretical financial and economic concepts in the simplest ways possible.

Smart money management requires a general understanding of finance and you will find the educational resources you need under this category. I do not plan to be exhaustive but rather efficient to only cover the most useful concepts to reach financial freedom and early retirement.

The Savings

The easiest way to increase your disposable income is to spend less. Regardless of how much you earn,, you will be able to save money and reduce your current spending level if you put the right level of focus on reaching that goal.

In this section, we will discuss smart ways to save money without completely compromising on lifestyle. Saving money should not imply reducing one’s quality of life. Reducing spending for the right reasons should never feel like making a sacrifice. Once you start seeing how much money you could save on a regular basis, you will not be able to stop!

The Income

Reducing your lifestyle expenditures to its core minimum is only one side of the equation. To be completely financially independent, you will need to generate enough passive income to sustain that lifestyle indefinitely.

This category will therefore contain practical financial advice to earn more money and create resilient streams of passive income. It will allow you to achieve what I call income-life balance.

Income-life balance means that you have the financial independence to no longer have to work for money, the possibility to achieve early retirement, which is the ultimate objective of Monkeyism.


Our main goal is to become self-sustainable and lead a self-sufficient life. Being financially independent is one way to achieve this goal. Another way we have in mind is to reduce our waste, rely less on other people to provide us with food and services.

We plan on moving from a dependent urban lifestyle to a calmer homesteading living after our early retirement. This section will grow further once we settle into a hobby farm and experiment various self-sufficient techniques.

About Us

This website is a personal blog reflecting our subjective views. This area will give you more insights on our backgrounds, our motivations and our personal goals. We hope that sharing our experience will help you reflect on your own personal goals to find the happiness you seek.

In summary, Monkeyism is a lifestyle, achieved through commitment to a new mindset. Are you ready for change?

4.33 avg. rating (91% score) - 6 votes

Monkey Master

My wife and I are currently living in Sydney, Australia. We plan on becoming financially self-sufficient in 2015 so we can retire at 35. We are regular working people, trying to be smart about saving money and generating passive income. I want to share with you how we reached that decision and how we are planning towards financial independence. Continue Reading.
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